Being an only child I am used to getting what I want. What I want is to see you struggle to fulfill my every whim. My whim is your desire... you will beg to be in My presence... you will beg to be under My heel... you will beg to be at My mercy... Standing 6'2" bare foot, I will tower over you. In my 6 inch heels, I will make you feel like the little, pathetic man that you already know you are. Everything about me will draw you under my spell. My willowy frame, my alabaster skin, my auburn hair, my brilliant and mischievous green eyes. I derive immense enjoyment from your whimpering; and you will often hear my playful giggle of delight as you beg for my attention.


I am a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix with a firm belief that females are superior beings.  Having grown up in the lifestyle this belief was instilled in me from an early age.  As a practicing Buddhist I see my scenes as an active meditation and enjoy the energy exchange between Myself and My submissive.  For Me this is the most important element.  you surrendering your body and mind to whatever My creative mind devises.  My favorite scenes involve some element of pain.  I can tailor this to your limits, but know if you wish to serve Me it will involve some form of suffering on your part.  In return you will be rewarded with My happiness and satisfaction.  Please see My info page for activities I most enjoy.  If you have interests you do not see listed feel free to inquire.  Please note I do not engage in illegal activity of any kind and there is never nudity on My part.